Server Information

Server Status: Online

Server Time (UTC+1):

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Level Cap: 110
Races: CH / EU
Exp/SP Rate: 20x
Item Drop Rate: custom
Gold Drop Rate: 1x
Giant spawn: 10x

Fortress War: Sunday 14:30-16:00

Bots or other 3rd party tools that support auto monster select are forbidden!
Use of keypresser 3rd party tool is not allowed when AFK (leaving the character unattended)!
Violation of these rules will lead to login restrictions for the account.
Job System (2Job)

This server features the new Job System (2Job).

Players are able to choose between hunter or thief job union at the character select screen.
(Every character that you create on that account will have your chosen Job Union.)
(You are free to leave your chosen Job Union anytime in exchange of Gold and all your gained JobExp.)

Consignment Trading:
Consignment Trades are the biggest source of Gold income.
Players have to collect Specialty Goods and invest them into the Consignment Trade.
Once enough people have invested, the Consignment trade will start.

Consignment trade route:

Players who have made an investment will get rewarded when the trade has reached its destination.
Reward: Gold (depending on the amount of invested Specialty Goods)